WH Technologies

Our customers are companies looking for professional solutions for customized short- and long-term production.



WH Technologies specializes in the production of low-voltage cable harnesses.

What sets us apart? A flexible approach, enabling us to successfully implement even the most demanding projects. We strive to meet individual customer needs, offering competitive prices and professional service.

Since 2010, as WH MOTORS, we have been offering DC motors, synchronous motors and micro motors of the highest quality at affordable prices. All of our partners’ motors are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and meet IEC and VDE standards.

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Dynamic development

Since our establishment in 2008, our company has been continuously and dynamically developing. Currently, WH Technologies employs 361 specialists in the production of electrical cables. The plant area exceeds 2300 m2. We ensure that our customers meet the highest quality standards.

We also constantly invest in modern technologies and machinery to ensure the highest quality of our products. This continuous development of the machinery park allows us to effectively meet the expectations of our customers and maintain our undisputed position in the market.

Employment in 2008
Number of employees: 29
Employment in 2022
Number of employees: 361
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Goals for the future

We understand that the quality of our work translates into your success. We aim to join the ranks of the largest cable harness companies in Poland in the near future. We intend to employ more than 500 people.

Robert Hopa
CEO WH Technologies

Unlimited possibilities
WH Technologies

Our customers are companies looking for professional solutions in the production of electrical cables. Our cable harnesses find applications in many industries such as automation and drive technology, industrial electronics, machine electronics and medicine.


Drive technology

Cable harnesses play a key role, enabling efficient data transmission and power supply between various components of drive systems.


Medical industry

Our harnesses guarantee the operational integrity of various diagnostic and therapeutic systems


Alarm systems

we enable effective signal transmission and power supply between various components of security systems.

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Industrial automation

cable harnesses are widely used in monitoring, control and regulation of industrial processes, regardless of the industry.

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Consumer electronics and household appliances

Our cable harnesses find application and are widely used in the manufacture of many consumer electronics and household appliances.


Automotive industry

We are also present in the automotive industry, where our solutions are key elements in a wide variety of applications.

Honors and awards

We regularly receive prestigious distinctions and awards in various polls. Each such award is not only a great honor for us, but also an inspiration and motivation to further improve our products and services. It is a confirmation of our high standards and commitment, which we constantly direct toward further development.

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